About Us

Freestyle. Improvisation. Unscripted. Unlimited. Whose Rhyme is
it Anyway is all of the above. It’s what happens when a few top-flight
rap artists have a little too much time on their hands and the desire to do
something new.

Joining forces to create Whose Rhyme is it Anyway are five highly respected voices in Hip-Hop: Playdough, Manchild and Heath McNease with recent additions RedCloud and Cookbook. Each of these artists is an expert freestyle rhyme technician, skilled entertainer, and has a real heart for people.

From their shared expertise, the three wanted to create a new format to
reach more people. Whose Rhyme is it Anyway does just that. Basing its
format on the hit show, “Whose Line is it Anyway,” Whose Rhyme… is an
evening of sketches, songs, comedy, and multi-level crowd interaction that a
simple music concert could never achieve.

Freestyle rhyming has always been a major part of hip-hop. In the
late ‘70’s, kids on the corner spontaneously put words together to pass the
time, settle their differences, or just have a good time. Since those early
days, freestyling has come to the forefront of pop culture, showcased in
commercials for iconic brands like The Gap and McDonalds. With the
release of Eminem’s blockbuster movie “8 Mile”, mainstream America got
an inside look for themselves.

Whose Rhyme is it Anyway uses this art form and offers a perfect evening
for young people, high school and college students. But the beauty is that
it is also an event that translates to any audience at all. Every age group
and background is drawn to the spontaneity and fun loving spirit of Whose

Whose Rhyme is it Anyway is even perfect for your campus or community,
where everyone can get involved, bond together and have the time of their


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