In 2001, RedCloud independently released his debut album, Is This Thing On?, and steadily built a network of fans on the underground scene. The following year, he started garnering major attention by winning Los Angeles radio station Power 106’s on-air freestyle battle for six consecutive weeks. Kurupt, who like RedCloud attended Leuzinger High School in Hawthorne, was among those who called theradio station to let RedCloud know that they were impressed by his vivid, complex battle rhymes.

RedCloud was also establishing himself as a memorable performer. Among his most loyal fans are those on Indian Reservations, who can relate to RedCloud’s Mexican and Indian heritage. By touring relentlessly RedCloud has been able to keep busy and keep his buzz growing strong. He was asked about his music and said,“Original hip-hop was uplifting and positive,” he says. “It gave somebody hope and changed people’s lives. It was street poetry that anybody could relate to. Now, people are rapping about things that your average person can’t relate to -- the cars, the diamonds, the money. I rap about average person stories, issues that people don’t usually deal with. I want to let them know what’s going on.” 


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